Active Noise Control

Add some quiet to make your product better

Reduce Unwanted Mechanical Noise

In today’s generation of home and commercial appliances, as well as office technology, product quietness is a “must have.”

Imagine a busy home with every small appliance going–the cacophony of the microwave heating, the grating sound of the vacuum cleaner, the range hood humming… And don’t forget the washer and dryer churning away in the mud room. Or imagine the loud buzz of a corporate office–computers, printers and servers humming away while everyone has their head down trying to concentrate on their work.

Appliance and technology manufacturers are responding to customer demand for quieter, more energy efficient products. When discussing the sound attributes of their products, companies only talk about how quiet they are, but they also need to address sound quality. Active noise control combined with traditional passive treatment will insure that their new product will sound better, and quieter, than their old products, as well as competitive products.


Promotes Health

Reduces stress-related disorders, hearing loss, elevated heart rate, blood pressure, and risk for heart attack.

Improves Efficiency

Fans can run at max speeds to cool equipment, increasing efficiency and lowering burnout rate.

Reduces Footprint

Efficient appliances require less energy to power them, making your product more green.

Increases Value

A product’s perceived value is greatly impacted by sound, along with these other benefits.

Silentium’s Active Noise Control Technology

Traditional noise reduction methods use foams and barriers. Even though they provide good result and are an important part of any noise reduction solution, they suffer from a major drawback: when implemented as sealing material, it blocks the airflow path, when lining ducts, it requires a relative long duct to achieve good results.

Silentium’s innovative Active Noise Control solution provides you with the capability to allow airflow undisturbed while preventing noise from coming out. The concept of Active Noise Control (ANC) is based on producing an “anti-noise” signal which destructively interferes with the original sound and cancels out the original sound.

Silentium has developed a unique ANC concept incorporating proprietary innovative algorithms, which adaptively follow the changes in noise spectrum thus achieving extraordinary results of up to 10dB(A) noise reduction. It allows undisturbed airflow path while reducing the noise being emitted. Silentium’s solution unlike previously designed ANC systems is extending the frequency range of signals, up to 2000Hz of broad band noise reduction. The result is a small, low-cost highly effective solution to the low/medium-frequency noise, which can be applied to many different applications, thus producing a successful commercial solution.

Product Development with Active Noise Control

The engineers at G3|Acoustics teamed up with Silentium to help our customers develop better products. Silentium’s active noise control technology combined with the product development expertise of G3|Acoustics not only enhances product acoustics, but also improves efficiency, and creates more value to the end user.

More Information

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